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I4U - Authors & Credits

I4U: Authors   I4U: Authors
Amedeo D. Guazzelli born in Florence. Graduated in Italian Language and Literature, worked as teacher of italian language for foreigners in Florence.
Co-author of the course, he cooperated for the draft of the didactical part of the course, and he realized the application part of the didactical units. Right now he's the coordinator and the didactical responsible of I4U - Italian for You !
  Alessandro Giorni, born in Florence. Actually teacher of german Language and Literature, worked more than six years as teacher of italian language for foreigners in Florence.
Author of the course, planned and realized the linguistic and didactical part of the course.
I4U: The Tutors

The staff of our tutors, coordinated by Dr. Amedeo D. Guazzelli, is composed by professional teachers who can boast a multi-year experience in teaching italian language to foreigners and works side by side with our techincale staff, to give a quick and qualified service to our students.

How was born I4U - Italian for You !

I4U was created in 1999, from the combination of our professional experience as teachers of italian language for foreigners, with the passion for the new technologies.

We wanted to create a powerful tool to diffuse italian language, but, most of all, to increase the specific development of the learning on the Web. So we have tried to combine e-learning with distance learning, in a course that allows a stand-alone path to the student, putting at the same time a support tutor beside him.

We choosed to realize the course entirely in italian language, following the methodological threads of the teaching of italian language as a foreign language, and using as possible native resources and materials.

We have tried to enrich the course with audio and animations, to stimulate in a natural and enjoining way the critical partecipation of the student into the learning process.

I4U: Credits
I4U - Italian for you ! was realized and is property of W4B - Web for Business srl, a SESA - IBM group web agency whose activity consists in creating Web Sites.

Web for Business is in Florence, Pellicceria street, 10.
tel.: +39055/2654270
fax: +39055/281985

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