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There are audio, games, tests, and more than 600 exercises, all corrected immediately.
There are also listening activities, reading and writing.
This interactive complete course can be done sitting in the comfort of your own home.
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Level Lessons Linguistics and situations Grammar



- Introducing oneself
- At the bar
- At the post office
- Informations
- In the restaurant
- Making orders
- In the Disco
- Buying
- Asking about prices
- Nouns
- Articles
- Adjectives
- Present tense
- Reflexive adjective and pronoun
- Possessive adjective and pronoun
- Modal verbs
Level Lessons Linguistics and situations Grammar



- Telephone
- Shoppping
- Reservations
- At the museum
- Confiding
- In a store
- In a supermarket
- Present perfect tense
- Direct pronouns
- Pronoun positions
- Adverbs
- Comparatives
- Ci and Ne
Level Lessons Linguistics and situations Grammar



- Chatting
- Horoscope
- Sharing secrets
- Buying errands
- At a greengrocer's
- A recipe
- A party
- Indirect pronouns
- Future tense
- To like and to be enough
- Imperfect
- Imperatives and pronouns
- Pronoun positions
Level Lessons Linguistics and situations Grammar



- Vacation
- A letter
- Complaints
- Remembering the past
- Protesting
- Describing a person
- Writing a diary
- Imperfect
- Imperfect and perfect
- Pronoun combinations
- Interrogatives
- Conditional
Level Lessons Linguistics and situations Grammar



- Making an appointment
- At the movie theater
- Talking about movies
- Taking the train
- In the pharmacy
- Buying medicine
- Expressing emotions
- At the station
- Pronoun combinations
- Future perfect tense
- Indefinite
- Conditional past tense
Level Lessons Linguistics and situations Grammar



- The mobile phone
- Describing social phenomena
- The car
- Expressing ideas and opinions
- The opera
- The politics
- The music
- Conditional past tense
- Superlatives and adverbs
- Relative pronouns
- Pluperfect
- Agreement of tense
- Introduction of subjunctive
- Introduction of complements
Level Lessons Linguistics and situations Grammar



- The news
- Expressing personal opinions
- Prejudices
- The computer
- Debating
- Religion
- Drugs
- Indirect complements
- Passive form
- Subjunctive forms, use and agreement
- Impersonal forms
- Indicative/subjunctive?
- Subordinate sentences
Level Lessons Linguistics and situations Grammar



- Telling stories
- Answering questions
- Giving advice
- Making a thematic relation
- To take stock of an experience
- Speaking of the past
- Past definite tense
- Implicit forms
- Indirect compliments
- Past anterior tense
- If clause
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